Sliding door wardrobe hardware accessories related knowledge introduction

Today, I will talk about the hardware used in sliding door wardrobes (also known as sliding doors and sliding doors). From the structure, the structure is similar regardless of the brand. But from the hardware (hardware decoration renderings) and other accessories can reflect the grades and differences, often the hardware and accessories used better brand sliding door is more expensive, and vice versa, the cheaper sliding The door is used in the place where the hardware is easily overlooked.

The main structure of the sliding door:

Vertical frame, upper rail, lower rail, upper horizontal frame, lower horizontal frame, sub-bar, upper and lower pulley, core plate, anti-collision bar, positioner

Main material of sliding door material:

Stainless steel, aluminum, other alloys, now in addition to the low-end sliding door brand is still using stainless steel as a frame, almost all use aluminum, or alloy.

Surface treatment:

Paint finish, galvanized (chrome), PVC cladding, natural veneer veneer

Main specifications of sliding door materials:

Up and down rail 6 m / root, up and down horizontal / middle spacer 4.88 m / root, mullion 4.88 / root

Glass: 1830mm*2400mm 1600mm*2400mm

Wave board: length 2440mm width 130mm

Cabinet board: 1220*2440

Sliding door aluminum category

GB aluminum: high-quality aluminum ingots are made by adding certain components of magnesium. Taking high-quality aluminum, which is often used as the sliding door frame, as an example, the aluminum alloy with the aluminum grade of 5019 should have a chemical content of magnesium above 4.5% according to national standards. It has strong hardness, good toughness and is not easy to be oxidized. long lasting.

(Reference standard: Deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy grades and chemical composition (taken from GB/T3190-1996) Table 10, Table 1 continued)

Non-standard aluminum: Made of waste recycled aluminum, the aluminum alloy has poor toughness, insufficient hardness, easy deformation, cracking and oxidation, and short service life.

Main indicators of the quality of sliding door profiles

1. Profile aluminum: Whether to use the national standard aluminum, directly determine the product quality and cost / many of the current market use non-standard recycled aluminum, the appearance of the ordinary consumer can not be discerned after treatment.

2, wall thickness (cross section): must choose a product with a cross-cut thickness of 1.2MM or more.

(Refer to the standard “National Standard for Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles GB 5237.1-2004”. The minimum nominal wall thickness of door and window profiles shall not be less than 1.20 mm, and the minimum measured wall thickness of aluminum alloy profiles for outer and outer windows shall be respectively consistent with GB/T 8478, GB/T 8479.)

3, surface treatment: whether the paint surface is smooth, whether the PVC sample has foaming and peeling phenomenon.

Sliding door pulley:

The sliding wheel is one of the most important components of the sliding door, which directly determines the service life and sliding effect of the sliding door. The good sliding door brand will not be taken lightly on the sliding wheel. The quality of the sliding wheel mainly depends on the bearing of the sliding pulley. And the quality of the rim material. At present, good sliding door brands will use large bearing wheels and resistance nylon wheels.

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