Ma Yun: Why can't MBA education develop entrepreneurs?

On the second day of the World Internet Conference, Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, gave a long speech at the sub-forum of “Cross-border E-Commerce and Global Economic Integration”, talked about his own “Business Classics”, and summarized his own business history and experience. . At the scene, many guests and a large number of media reporters were attracted. The 40-minute speech was considered "sentence is dry goods."

Why can't an MBA develop an entrepreneur?

Ma Yun himself feels that for the past ten years or so, the biggest experience is that he always thinks about how others have failed. What mistakes are these people must make, because success has many elements: you just happen to meet a good person. Good luck, you just happened to run into a good thing, you just did the right thing at the right time. And the truth that many companies basically fail is similar. As long as you learn these failed things, it will be natural.

He said that after many people graduated from MBA, it is difficult to be an entrepreneur, or it is difficult for entrepreneurs to succeed, because MBA may teach a lot of things how people succeed, so many cases are learning others. How to succeed, and usually after learning a successful case, people will think about it. "I can also succeed in this way."

What is Ma Yun learning from Forrest Gump?

Ma Yun said that small businesses are very difficult to do. Thirteen years ago, he just watched a movie "Forrest Gump".

Ma Yun said that the movie "Forrest Gump" told him that no one made money through shark whales. As a result, he dug out the money from the shrimp meat. Everyone took out a little bit. If this gathers, it will be fine, but you If you want to take a little bit from everyone, you have to create unique value for each individual that other technology companies can't do. So in the past 15 years, Alibaba has only focused on SMEs, not the first day. If you want to understand this model, you have made countless mistakes. Until seven or eight years ago, we understood a truth. To help small businesses, you must build an ecosystem.

Customers, partners and themselves must win

Ma Yun said that Director Lu Wei talked about three C to C at the opening ceremony yesterday (note: Come to China, go to China; Come to Consumer, walk into the user; Come to Consensus, go to consensus). "I said it is 3W", to do any business, you must think of 3 W, that is Win, the first Win, is the customer Win, you do anything, the customer must first win; the second Win, the partner must win; Third, you have to win. Three W, you win less in the middle, and the business can't do it.

"In fact, an important factor in Alibaba's assessment of our own success in the past decade is not whether we have success or not, but our customers because we have success, because if we succeed too early, customers will not succeed."

Ma Yun said, of course, it is best to be successful together, but if you have only one choice, you have to give up your own interests, let others succeed first, be altruistic, believe that others are more important than you, and believe that only others succeed. You can succeed.

Any product customers have no use is the first priority

Ma Yun pointed out that we must ask a question about any products and services. Is your customer useful? Don't say that the engineer feels very happy. This thing is very good. As a result, the user does not need it. This is a lively picture. You must think about whether the customer thinks it is good or not. Second, do the participants have a chance? Third, after doing so many things, can you live? If you can't live, how can you stick to it?

"Today's Alibaba's market value is good, and the listing success is good. Actually, it is not done today. It is the idea of ​​our fifteen years ago. We must all think about doing things. If you only do today's business, you only If you want to be successful tomorrow, you will not succeed, because why do you have this opportunity? Why are you smarter than others?" Ma Yun said.

Now is the most dangerous time for Alibaba.

Ma Yun said that in fact, two months before Alibaba's listing, many people thought that our company did not make money at all and could not make money. At that time, I was very convinced that Alibaba was much better than these people thought. They said that Ali is very bad. In fact, I know that we can still, better than you think. But today we are in big trouble. Everyone thinks that you are so good, so good, that you can do anything, but I know that we are not so good. Now is the most dangerous time for Alibaba. The expectations of others are too high for you. I feel that your company can do anything. When a person thinks that he understands everything and can do anything, the trouble comes.

Ma Yun said that today is a summary of yesterday. Whether it is Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Amazon, Google, we are all lucky. We all made the right choices at the right time and met the right people. But how can we persist for fifteen to twenty years, this is the biggest challenge.

Reach for the money dwarf

Ma Yun said that it is meaningless to chase money with one person. Money is chasing people. If people chase money, they have no interest at all. In fact, we talk about venture capital. When we saw Sun Yin’s justice in softbank, I never thought about asking people. The money, I just think that everyone is exploring the internet. If you ask someone to ask for money, your eyes will be wrong and your eyes will be wrong. And when you want to invest in ventures, your confidence comes from knowing what you are going to do. If you just want money, basically the dwarf is cut off.

Alibaba is probably the most women in the world

Ma Yun said that the current era is an era of experience. Women in this era will become more and more powerful, because women think more about others, women have to take care of their husbands and children, and then consider themselves. Men are basically centered on themselves. Therefore, no matter in politics or business, women will be more and more.

He said that Alibaba may be the most female company among IT companies all over the world. 46% of our employees are women, 36% of them are women, 23% of senior management is women, and we have female CEOs. , COO and CFO, we never see them as women, because I think they are people first, and they have unique things, they really do well in experience, because she knows how to serve others, how to understand others, how Support others.

Think about how to sell other people’s products to China.

Ma Yun said that all of our previous thinking is basically how my products are sold to others and money is taken from others' pockets. Alibaba's globalization should consider a question, how to help others sell their products to China. China has huge demand. The Chinese middle class is growing at a high speed. China's air, environment and water cannot support the various needs and services of the future three or four billion middle class. Therefore, we must think about how to make the world better. Products are sold to China to meet the needs of our middle class

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