Kellett integrated ceiling to lead the new trend of Chinese home American style

With its corporate values ​​of “Quality and Beauty”, Kellett is actively developing new technologies with a pioneering and innovative attitude and applying the results to new products. On this basis, the company pioneered the establishment of an integrated ceiling "American style" stylized banner, leading to the market trend of home fashion!

American style ceilings throughout the house, including American classical, American neo-classical, American modern, American simplicity, American pastoral and other five fashion trend. Its perfect integration with the Germs technology gives the whole room a profound appeal. For you to highlight the personality, fashion, environmental protection of the ceiling space, Kellett - the latest aesthetic concept of conduction around you!

Since the launch of the Kellett American fashion series products, the nationwide terminals have rushed to purchase the grand occasion. American neo-classicalism is highly inclusive of culture and history; it also has a high quality sense of space design. High-quality life is the dream residence pursued by modern homes. Many home furnishing consumers, after experiencing the unique cultural charm of Kellett products, have always been in favor of Kellett's latest definition of space aesthetics, and have displayed their highly conceived ceiling installation real effects to terminals and industries.

Chinese tea ceremony has a long history. Stay in the elegant tea room and experience the comfort of a relaxing chat. The ceiling space composed of Kellili walnut style + private style and other lighting plates has super three-dimensionality. Platinum aluminum, high-tech pure natural natural aluminum, its excellent ductility, enhance the harmony of the top surface of the entire crane. Consumers said that the choice of brands stems from Kellett's strict control over product quality. The perfect cooperation between the "Quality" and "Beauty" products of Kellett products will create the image of a breakthrough enterprise.


read more, walk more! The quiet study provides a wonderful environment for the Kaishu Sea and the browsing of folk customs and folk customs. Keli ceilings are dedicated to the fine-tuning of the top floor of the multi-purpose whole house. The sub-continent continues to install real-life maps based on brown color, and its shiny and full texture, with exquisite beam design, makes the study of the "sky" different elegance. The terminal owner emphasized that Kellett products not only created a pleasant reading experience but also added a sense of atmosphere to the study.

The recognition of consumers is the driving force behind Kellett’s continuous search for breakthroughs. Through the unremitting efforts of the Kellett family, Kellett's future development will be wider and wider.

Kellett integrated ceiling integrated ceiling suspended ceiling modern minimalist modern neo-classical style

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