Collection of new hotspots in the collection of beautiful traditional treasures in home gifts

In the past, it has only been popularized by niche investors. In recent years, with the popularity of the mainstream media collections, it has been recognized by middle- and high-income families and has become a practical, value-added and value-added home decoration. . Moreover, the types of collectibles have also broken through the monotonous and concentrated calligraphy and painting and porcelain fields in previous years. However, all the "old objects" made by traditional techniques have found a new spring in the tide of collecting investment.

From April 25th to 28th, the 20th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Crafts, Watches and Housewares Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This year's Shenzhen Gift Home Show has a scale of exhibition of up to 110,000 square meters. Friends who agree with the traditional craft collection may wish to concentrate on appreciating the products brought by more than 3,300 leading brands from home and abroad.

"Phoenix" reborn in the glaze

As the first of China's five famous instruments, Liuli is a unique craft symbol and cultural phenomenon in ancient Chinese courts. She is a gem of ancient Chinese art. After thousands of years of accumulation, it is still not bad.

The artistic beauty of glass comes from nature and life. The traditional style that she represents is irreplaceable. From large palace buildings to small glass ornaments, she reflects her external beauty and profound cultural connotation. Some people say that Westerners value a "beauty" and Chinese people value a "good". Nowadays, the glaze is the perfect combination of ancient culture and modern art. Its brilliance and splendor are the exquisite, delicate and subtle expression of the oriental people. It is the fusion of thought, emotion and art.

The exhibitor of Shenzhen Gifts Home Show, Shanghai Hongye Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. said that the success rate of glass production is only 20-30%. Since the glass flows in a semi-liquid state, there is great uncertainty. It can be said that no two glass products are exactly the same, and each piece is an "orphan". Therefore, it can be said that every piece of glazed work is a piece of art and has a very high investment value.

Lacquer: "paint" and "art"

If the jade represents the elegance of the Chinese, and the porcelain symbolizes the essence of Chinese ancient culture, then the lacquer ware is the luxury that traverses ancient and modern.

The main color of the lacquer ware is the outer ink, Zhu Xi, the simple and elegant, and a lacquer ware has many processes and long time. To complete a lacquerware, it takes eight to nine months for the shortest period and several years for the long one, so the circulation is scarce. In addition, the lacquerware is extremely complicated, and only the decoration method has carving, embedding, drawing, engraving, filling, stacking, and hoeing. More than a hundred kinds of things, its artistic value is also more obvious.

The exhibitors of the Shenzhen Gift Home Show will soon bring decorative furniture, daily necessities, stationery and artworks with wooden tires, clip-on tires, bamboo tires, and tires to find art buyers.

Wooden crafts: a combination of nature and art

In Shenzhen Gifts Home Show, there are more wooden exhibits in the exhibition. As an original craft, the natural texture created by time has become the most natural art. Modern people, used to decorate the cumbersome and luxurious metal crafts, began to have a strong return to the true, seeking a simple, natural life needs, and home decoration began to flow toward this wind vane.

The wooden handicrafts, whose mainstream colors are single, do not have too much decoration, are full of primitive and natural, simple and simple. Wood carvings fully reflect the beauty of the three-dimensional and the craftsmanship. For example, the root carvings that will appear in the gift home exhibition are based on the self-generating form and distortion form of the roots. All of them reveal the exquisite conception of the carving artist, wood grain and carving marks, smooth and rough, concave and convex... The artistic language of these natural and artistic perfection fusions is not achievable by sculptures of other materials.

It is reported that the Shenzhen Gift Home Show has received the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government. The audience only needs to pre-register on the official website of the exhibition. Not only can they enter the venue free of charge, but they will also receive bus and subway tickets to save time and expenses. If you are a buyer in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhuhai, Huizhou, etc., you can take the free bus provided by the organizer.

For more information, please visit the Reed Huabo website:

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1. Organizer - Reed Huabo Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is operated by Reed Exhibitions (the world's largest exhibition and conference organiser) and Shenzhen Huabo Exhibition Co., Ltd. (the most influential private exhibition company in China's gift industry) in China The joint venture company formed is the largest exhibition organizer in the Chinese gift industry and a member company of Reed Exhibitions. In 2009, Reed Huaba United Group Academic Exhibition jointly established Beijing Reed Huaqun Exhibition Co., Ltd., with the higher quality, stronger brand and larger service prosperity of the northern gift home market, Reed Huabo will be The superior resource advantage fully serves China's gift home market.

2. ReedExhibitions

Reed Exhibitions (Reed Exhibitions) is the world's leading organiser of exhibitions and conferences with 500 exhibitions in 39 countries. In 2011, Reed Exhibitions organized a total of 6 million active participants from all over the world, reaching a turnover of tens of billions of dollars. Today, Reed Exhibitions organizes events across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific through 33 fully staffed offices.

Reed Exhibitions host 500 exhibitions, seminars, forums and conferences, serving 44 industries. Reed Exhibitions works closely with professional organizations, trade associations and government agencies to ensure that every event can be linked and targeted to the industry. As a result, many of the exhibition events hosted by Reed Exhibitions are market leaders in their respective fields. Reed Exhibitions is a member of the Reed Elsevier Group. As the world's leading publisher and information provider, Reed Elsevier Group's revenue in 2010 was 6.055 billion pounds and its pre-tax profit was 1.279 billion pounds.

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