Entrance porch effect chart entrance design renderings

The entrance, also known as the entrance hall. Many people mistakenly believe that the entrance is a screen. Actually, the entrance is another name for the hall. The entrance is the first impression of the door, so it is very important in the home decoration. It is like a person's face, need to be carefully dressed in order to make the owner look decent and generous. So what kind of entrance design effect chart is better and more attractive, let's take a look at the door entrance effect chart.

One, the entrance has the following categories: 1. Independence hall

The hallmark of this type of hallway is that the hallway originally exists as a separate building space or a turning aisle. Therefore, for the interior designer, the most important function is the use and decoration.

2. Channel hall

The hallmark of these hallways is that the hallway itself exists in the form of a "straight-through aisle". For such hallways, how to set up shoe cabinets is the key.

3, virtual hallway

The hallmark of the halls is that the building itself does not have a hallway. It can only be used as a hallway in the living room or part of the restaurant. In this case, you have to consider whether you need to use the entrance. The reasons for needing to do entrance are as follows: 1 The door can directly look into the position of the sofa in the living room; 2 The door can look directly into the bedroom door; 3 The door can look directly at other areas that are not suitable for direct viewing by outsiders.

Second, the entrance decoration matters needing attention

1, living room entrance bright

The lighting of the living room entrance must be bright, not gloomy, because most of the living room entrance design is no natural light source, so in this regard need to move some brains, in addition to the interval should adopt more transparent frosted glass, the living room entrance mostly If there is no outdoor natural light, use indoor lighting for remediation, such as installing lights.

2, entrance to keep clean and tidy

The entrance must be kept clean and tidy. If there are too many sundries, it will affect the feng shui of the residence, and if the entrance is very messy and dim, the whole room will be very oppressive, so you can put some feng shui things on it. Kirin and the like.


3, entrance design through the real

The entrance of the living room design should pay attention to the following, the following must be solid, and the floor should not have any barriers, the above should use a transparent design feeling, you can use frosted glass or hollow Bogu shelf and the like, are good.

4, the main entrance wall warm color

The facade of the entrance will be mainly based on warm tones, or it may be neutral, so as to give people a feeling of gentle warmth and comfort, letting people forget the chaos of the outside world and experiencing the warmth and comfort of the family.

5. Improper furnishings

It is also important to pay attention to the furnishings of the entrance. Do not block the road. If the area of ​​the living room is relatively small, you can use some low cabinets, shoe cabinets, and other furniture to expand the storage space.


It can be seen that the design of the entrance should be based on the different types of rooms and forms. It can be arc-shaped or right-angled. Some room-type entrances can also be designed as entrance corridors. There are wooden, glass, screen style, hollow and so on.

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Aluminium Wardrobe Door profile

Swing-type closet doors are traditional doors, and the demand for aluminum alloy swing doors is quite large in the market. The aluminum alloy frame can be combined with a variety of material door panels, stable and beautiful. When the swing door is opened, the occupied space is larger than that of the sliding door, which is suitable for households with a large living room area. Now aluminum alloys are not only used to make door frames, but also aluminum profiles for door panels.

Swing Wardrobe Door Aluminum Profile

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