Land use problems in China's agricultural economic development

From the historical investigation of the relationship between man and land, it is known that the general trend of changes in the relationship between man and land in China is that the ratio of people to land tends to decline. In connection with economic development, the question is: How does the Chinese economy develop in the process of declining ratio of people and land? Historically, this economic development was mainly the development of the agricultural economy, and later also the development of industry, or the industrialization of the agricultural country. Therefore, here, the discussion of the relationship between China's economic development and changes in human-land relations focuses on agricultural economic development and industrialization.
For the agricultural countries, the economic development problem is first of all land use problems. Therefore, the land use issue in China's agricultural economic development is first discussed here. The relationship between China's agricultural economic development and the change of human-land relationship is actually the problem of land use under population pressure. Because the history of human-land relations and modern investigations know that the general trend of population growth is the continuous increase of the total population. The ever-large population has formed a population pressure for relatively fixed land. And the measurement of acre measurement shows that the number of acres of land is also decreasing. This population pressure exists not only in China, but also in the historical development of countries around the world. According to Toynbee's research, it is precisely the different reactions to pressure that determine the rise and fall of the world's ancient civilizations and the road to development. Then, as one of the ancient civilizations of the world, how does China respond to population pressures and seek continuous development? First, perhaps it should be pointed out that the so-called population pressure, a relative concept, is relative to certain historical conditions of a certain geographical scope. Under certain historical conditions, that is, under a certain level of productivity, the formation of population pressure is difficult to circumvent within a relatively fixed geographical area. Because a certain geographical range is below a certain level of productivity, it means that the source of the means of subsistence is relatively fixed, and the population is growing, although this growth may be very slow. With the growing population on the fixed land, the population pressure will gradually form and increase. Under the economic conditions of collecting fishing and hunting, the consequences of this population pressure may lead to the exhaustion of the source of living materials, leading to the demise of population settlement, but more It is the positive response of the population to its own pressure. This response can be achieved by migrating to a new place, that is, obtaining a new source of means of subsistence, or maintaining control over its own growth. It is also possible to adapt living materials to the needs of population growth by changing the diet structure and increasing the source of food. Through the study of the way of life of ancient humans, these positive reactions have existed in human history. Among them, the reaction of increasing food sources may be a driving force for the origin and development of agriculture.
For the study of this book, China has entered the agricultural society in the Western Han Dynasty. Therefore, it is not intended to discuss the population pressure and its reaction in the ancient Chinese fishing and hunting era to the agricultural era. However, it can be pointed out that before the Western Han Dynasty, According to Fu Zhufu's research, changes in the relationship between man and land are important reasons for the end of China's tourism life and the collapse of the mine system. More information: Measuring acre http://

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