How to prevent damage to the web

Zhongdeok paper roll clamp (aka: holding clip car folder holding car folder machine paper machine holding paper machine clip forklift forklift head) industry terminology: forklift attachment, for paper, printing, packaging, etc. Manufacturers carry a variety of webs to effectively prevent damage to the roll paper.
Kraft paper, corrugated paper, specialty paper, and printing, packaging, papermaking and other major raw materials are in the shape of a roll. The most primitive handling method is manpower to move or lift. Due to the limited manpower operation, many working conditions can not be solved by manpower. This method is currently out of the box. Therefore, many manufacturers choose a forklift to replace the manual, use a forklift to insert the tray or directly insert the web. Forklifts are available throughout every manufacturer. Although the forklift is convenient and quick, it is easy to damage the paper during the process of inserting the paper roll, and the paper damage increases the cost. In order to reduce the damage of the paper roll, the paper roll clip is designed to wrap the entire paper roll like a human arm without damaging the paper. This tool currently has 3/2 manufacturers using the handling tools.
The paper roll holder belongs to the type of forklift attachment. Because the paper roll holder needs to be used with the forklift, it can also be used for two purposes by changing the fork in front of the forklift to a paper roll holder. Install a quick change device to complete the fork and paper roll clamp in front of the forklift. Spare parts required for retrofitting. Usually the forklift comes with hydraulic two-function front tilting gantry and lifting mast. Installing the paper roll holder is equivalent to adding two functions to the original function: holding the paper roll and rotating the paper roll, then one forklift has four functions and requires a quadruple multi-way valve. Because all the functions of the forklift are achieved by hydraulic pressure.
For the use of paper roll holders, see the technical support paper roll clamp field operation video in the middle.
Classification of paper roll holders:
According to the needs of various major manufacturers such as paper making and printing, paper roll holders are divided into the following major categories:
Ordinary paper rolls usually choose standard paper roll holders (price concessions, and are suitable for most manufacturers).
The production volume is large, the paper roll size and diameter are different, and when multiple paper rolls of different sizes need to be transported at one time, the clip arm separation type paper roll holder can be selected.
When the production volume is small and the weight of the paper roll is light, a single-arm paper roll holder can be selected.
(Note: Due to different production scales and requirements, the required paper roll clamps are different in type and type, so the Sino-Denk forklift attachments can be customized according to the working conditions and needs of each manufacturer. folder)
How to choose different models and categories:
1. Has the forklift been used, and whether the forklift has been installed before?
2. The brand, tonnage and gantry of forklifts or forklifts need to be purchased;
3. The weight, diameter and height of the production or incoming paper roll;
Details can be found. 'How to prevent damage to the web

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