Infrared and night vision camera installation and construction considerations

  Infrared and night vision cameras have the advantages of night vision distance, concealment and stability in monitoring. As we all know, the infrared camera should be installed with direct light source as much as possible, because the infrared lamp controls the working power supply according to the photoresistor installed on the infrared lamp board. In addition, the infrared camera should be avoided in the field of view of the infrared camera with all black objects, open spaces, water and other objects that absorb infrared light, because if the infrared light is absorbed or weakened, the effect of the infrared projection lamp and the camera will be greatly weakened.

The items that need to be observed and observed when installing infrared and night vision cameras are classified as follows.

Different media have different transmittance and reflectivity. Therefore, different protective cover glass, especially glass with automatic defrost coating, will cause certain attenuation to infrared light, and special attention must be paid during construction;

The installation position of the equipment should avoid aligning with strong light ( such as sunlight, lighting, etc. ) , otherwise it will easily cause excessive light or light ( not fault ) , which will also affect the life of the CCD ;

The camera should be protected from humidity, dust, extreme heat, extreme cold, strong electromagnetic radiation, etc.

Some infrared lamps do not have an irradiation distance parameter, only the number of powers. This is a very vague concept, because power consumption is converted into infrared light energy, including power supply heat loss, circuit heat loss, light source heat loss, and filter glass. Infrared light efficiency and more. That is, the same power infrared projection lamp, the irradiation distance may be very different;

Manufacturers continue to increase, but the factory inspection of related products is not easy, and the conditions of technology, testing equipment and so on are not different, users should compare and compare, carefully read the instruction manual before installation and construction, and pay special attention to the safety of personal equipment. matter;

Consider the degree of reflection of the scene being photographed. Infrared rays have the same characteristics of reflection and refraction as visible light, so a certain distance margin should be considered when there is no good reflective environment ( such as buildings, fences, signs ) around the target scene ;

Optional infrared projection lamp, in addition to its index parameters need to consider other. Infrared projection lamps on the market today are mostly in the 850nm and 940nm bands, and the cameras selected for the demand must be able to sense the infrared rays of these bands;

Rain, fog, dust and other climatic conditions are factors that restrict the distance of the exposure. In addition, the difference between the on-site environment and the reflectance of the monitored target will make the night vision effect very different, so it must be tested before installation;

The electronically controlled switching device is used as much as possible, and its fuzzy logic capability can effectively control the working state of the ICR-CUT filter . Because most manufacturers use simple methods such as photoresistor sensors to control the ICR-CUT filter and the On/Off state of the infrared projection lamp , the repeated jumps at the critical point are often unsatisfactory.

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