Centerless grinding machine processing and maintenance

A centerless grinding machine is a type of grinding machine that does not require the use of the axis of the workpiece for grinding. The grinding wheel, the adjusting wheel and the workpiece support are composed of three mechanisms, wherein the grinding wheel actually performs the grinding work, the adjusting wheel controls the rotation of the workpiece, and the workpiece feed speed is generated, and the workpiece holder is being ground. Supporting the workpiece, there are several ways to match the three parts, except for stopping the grinding, the principle is the same.

A grinding machine that uses a centerless grinding method to grind a rotating surface of a workpiece , usually referred to as a centerless cylindrical grinding machine . In the centerless cylindrical grinding machine, the workpiece is not centered and supported, but placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel , supported by the pallet and the guide wheel. Wheel mounted on the wheel spindle generally ends, a width greater than 250 mm is mounted in the middle of the spindle, the maximum width of the grinding wheel up to 900 mm. The grinding wheel rotates at high speed for grinding , and the guide wheel rotates in the same direction at a slower speed to drive the workpiece to rotate for circumferential feeding. Through the grinding, the axial feed is realized by adjusting the slight inclination angle of the guide wheel axis, and is suitable for grinding the elongated cylindrical workpiece, the short shaft without the center hole, and the sleeve type workpiece. When cutting into the grinding , radial feed is achieved by the movement of the guide wheel frame or the grinding wheel frame , which is suitable for grinding workpieces with shoulders or bosses, as well as cones, spheres or other workpieces whose curves are curved . Centerless grinding machines have high productivity, and are easy to automate with various loading and unloading devices. Most of them are used for mass production and can be operated by less skilled workers. Centerless grinding machines generally have a grinding accuracy of 2 microns and a dimensional accuracy of 4 microns. High-precision centerless grinding machines can reach 0.5 microns and 2 microns, respectively. In addition, there are centerless internal grinding machines and centerless thread grinding machines . Centerless grinders are automatically trimmed and automatically compensated. The guide roller feed guide is a double V -type needle roller guide wheel, which is fed by a servo motor and can compensate with the dressing of the grinding wheel. The machine is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading mechanism for automatic cycle grinding.

Centerless grinding machine maintenance method

1. For the maintenance of the centerless grinder: the surface of the centerless grinder and the motor, the surface of the heat dissipating equipment must be kept clean, and the polishing consumable powder should be cleaned regularly. 2 , check and tighten the handle, feed handwheel, screws, nuts and other parts. Keep the machine in good condition. 3 , centerless grinding machine inspection: check the screws, belts, tightness of various parts of the centerless grinding machine, the looseness should be adjusted to the appropriate. 4. Check if the wear level of each bearing should be replaced if there is any damage, and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient. 5 , the guide rail should be cleaned, the rail can not be equipped with polishing consumable powder. 6 , electrical appliances: regularly clean the motor, electrical box. The electrical device is fixed and reliable. 7. Check and tighten the zeroing device. Check the button switch, if there is any problem, replace it immediately to avoid unnecessary danger.

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