What is the process of the home decoration all-inclusive contract? What are all inclusive?

Many users will learn some technical terms of decoration during the detailed inquiry process, such as all-inclusive decoration and half-packing decoration. For many users who don't know about the decoration, the meaning of the whole package is not understood, and the contract is signed with the decoration company. Xiao Bian today introduces all the items related to the home decoration all-inclusive package and the home decoration all-inclusive contract .


First, the decoration all inclusive

1. The basic decoration part of the whole package repair (including the auxiliary materials and labor required for decoration) (1) The modification of the indoor wall: mainly included in the old wall removal part negotiated by the owner, the wall part, the trunking Ticking and inclusion isomer construction.

2. It is also necessary to provide water pipes (cold and hot water pipes), (strong electricity,), gas materials and installation and laying works for the family.

3, need to lay drainage pipes, lightweight materials backfilling, leveling treatment.

4, bathroom, wall (not less than 1.8 meters) and waterproof treatment.

5, all levels of leveling

6, 623 * 623 antique, viewing balcony 300 * 300 floor tile paving

7, bathroom, kitchen, living balcony floor tiles, wall tiles

8, the wall surface, the top surface of the base layer of putty, surface brush

9, bathroom, hardware installation

10. Installation of all rooms

Second, the decoration should be paid attention to what

1. Whether the decoration company has the construction management department to supervise the construction quality and progress.

2. Project inspection of the company's construction: Whether the design is reasonable and whether the construction quality meets the requirements.

3. The supervision and supervision of the renovation project will be reported to the owner by telephone, SMS, email, etc., and provide some suggestions. The owner needs to pay attention to the contents of these reports in writing to avoid future disputes.


The above is a detailed answer to the small series of all-inclusive contract for home decoration. I don't know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian~ If you want to know more about the related aspects of the home decoration all-inclusive contract, please also ask Continue to pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia section!

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