5 seconds to discern tea newness and pork true and false multiple food inspection techniques unveiled in Nanjing

Dip a few drops of tea soup, the device can "paste" whether it is new or old tea in 5 seconds, and can also "inform" whether it is Hubei Maojian or Xinyang Maojian; use a pen knife to gently stroke the internal organs of different parts of the pigs bought in the market, large screen Within a few seconds, "judgment" showed whether it was pork liver or pork kidney, and it was "a piece of cake" to identify the authenticity of pork ... On the 17th, a number of food testing equipment and technologies were unveiled in Nanjing.

On the 17th, the 2018 Jiangsu Food Safety Publicity Week kick-off ceremony and the Social Open Day of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration were held in Nanjing.

On the same day, at the Jiangsu Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Institute, various types of "high-level" equipment and technologies for rapid and precise inspection of food, drugs, health products, and cosmetics were opened to the public for display. Pesticide residue rapid detection system, pathogen microbial on-site rapid detection system, visual microarray chip detection system, etc. have attracted visitors to "look around."

Before the booth of the visualization microarray chip detection system, the staff introduced that the system can realize rapid screening of large-scale samples. It uses a biochip spotter to fix biological probes on a specially made microporous plate, which can quantitatively detect veterinary drug residues, biological toxins, illegal additives, etc. for 90 samples at the same time. The system also uses nano-color-developing liquid to present the visualization results, which can automatically read data and screen samples.

The fast food safety inspection vehicle was also unveiled on the opening day. According to Zhu Ziqiang, industry account manager of Nanjing Iveco, this large-scale food safety rapid inspection vehicle can freely "mix and match" inspection equipment and quickly drive to the food inspection site. The whole process of the food inspection experiment carried out by the vehicle on the staff can be traced back. The integrated screen on the vehicle can realize one-button operation of power supply. The vehicle is also specially equipped with a device that absorbs toxic and harmful gases. It is also equipped with an eyewash faucet where workers may splash dirt into their eyes for emergency treatment, as well as a visual water intake and drainage system and an induction trash can. (Finish)

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