Problems in the late stage of mulberry strawberry and solutions

In the harvesting period of mulberry strawberry, because the growers only pay attention to the early management during the production process, ignoring the later management, the secondary fruit yield of the mulberry strawberry is reduced, the quality is worse, and the income of the growers is affected. The following problems are likely to occur in the late stage of mulberry strawberry. The Chinese pesticide network Xiaobian detailed introduction, hope that the growers will pay attention.
First, the growth of strawberry in drought and water shortage is generally in the middle of June. In this period, the temperature is higher, the wind speed is larger, and there are more dry and hot winds. Strawberry plants have large water evaporation and rapid soil water loss. It is easy to cause water shortage in the strawberry plant, which affects the flowering result and fruit expansion of the strawberry.
Countermeasures: According to the practical experience of these years, in the later irrigation, it is a suitable method to take flooding under the membrane and increase the number of irrigation. Before filling the water, uncover the film between the two rafts, use the wooden stick to support the two ends of the mulch, let the water flow from the film into the sulcus, enlarge the water and pour it through, and let the water ooze and then lay down the mulch. This method of irrigation allows water to be directed from the base of the strawberry, reducing soil compaction caused by irrigation. Increasing the number of irrigations will ensure the moisture demand of the mulch strawberry. Generally, the sticky soil is watered and fertilized once every 15 to 20 days, and the sandy soil is watered and fertilized once for 10 to 20 days.
Second, the pests are heavier With the increase of temperature, the relatives of aphids, red spiders and other pests increase, which seriously affects the growth of strawberries.
Countermeasure: Control aphids and spider mites with 10% imidacloprid 1000 times solution. Use 800 to 1000 times solution of dicofol emulsifiable concentrate to spray and control red spider. The spraying time of the liquid medicine control is carried out at 8 to 11 am. The red spider is mostly active on the back of the leaf. When spraying, the nozzle should be facing upwards, and the pesticide should be sprayed on the back of the blade to improve the control effect.
Third, easy to get fat into the second result, due to the growth of a fruit, consume a lot of nutrients, some strawberries will appear fattening phenomenon. At this time, if the nutrient supply is not strengthened, it will easily affect the yield and quality of the biloba.
Countermeasure: Increasing the application of special trace element fertilizers such as spraying Shibao and potassium dihydrogen phosphate to increase the soil organic matter content and supplement the missing trace elements such as manganese, platinum, zinc and calcium. Supplement high-efficiency phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. When irrigating, fertilize the fertilizers such as diammonium phosphate and potassium sulfate uniformly into the water, 25 kg per mu.

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