How to deal with white-hot competition in flooring companies

How to deal with white-hot competition in flooring companies The first-tier market in the flooring industry has become saturated, and the second-tier market has become saturated. The flooring industry is facing a period of reshuffle. Opening up the third- and fourth-tier markets has become a transitional path for flooring companies, especially small and medium-sized floor companies, to begin. Whether or not each floor company can grasp this inflection point in this market needs to focus on strategic management.

When the service brand is started at the inflection point of the flooring industry, it can continue to do it. Even if it has to survive well, it must achieve sustained profitability, and profitability cannot be separated from good sales and service. No matter whether it is in China or where, there is no shortage of floor manufacturers. If the floor companies only confine their positioning to national production and ignore the improvement of services, then the future development will certainly be very difficult. In this state, the flooring companies want to stand out in the national market, and they need to improve their comprehensive quality.

The competition in the flooring industry is fierce. The opponents of the “complete explosion” have three strokes of floor “three-point production and seven-point installation”. As the family's long-term high-frequency floor, pre-sales design services and after-sales installation services need to be followed in real time.

Currently, the overall floor concept is highly hyped. However, most consumers are in the stage of purchasing the first overall flooring. They do not have much understanding of the whole floor and need a lot of relevant information. At this time, if there is a local company that can launch the “floor living service” in a timely manner, it will be able to grasp an entry point and establish a good image in the user center.

Improve the construction of terminal channels In recent years, the home industry has been under multiple pressures, but some stores have been expanding in contrarian directions, continuously expanding the scale of operations, opening new stores, and many brands of floor businesses have also been expanded, and the number of stores has increased rapidly. Operating costs, as well as homogenized operations, have caused many flooring companies to undergo tremendous tests.

In this context, the floor business must act and adopt a series of common measures to better control the terminal channels. In terms of stores, they can take the initiative to cooperate with the store alliance, negotiate lower rents, enhance the image of stores and stores, and increase marketing efforts to ensure that more consumers come to the store.

Today, the flooring industry has ushered in an inflection point. New channels and terminal sales models have also emerged. Many flooring companies have chosen to open independent image stores near large-scale home building materials stores, or to jointly open floor brands with other flooring companies in suitable locations. street.

The status quo of domestic flooring companies in opening up new markets is that well-known brands have already completed the layout of first-tier cities. This market structure is stable and the competition is fierce. As we all know, the floor market of the main city has become saturated. After the country regulates the real estate market, the market development of the three or four levels of districts and counties is booming. Many floor companies have also focused their attention on the potential blue oceans of the districts and counties. Brand companies have a large space for development based on their unsteadiness. According to many floor companies, the development of the county's market is immature due to the development of the flooring industry. The market needs to undergo a period of cultivation. Some brand companies have had a certain influence due to early entry. However, most companies are still in the development stage.

In short, even though some national flooring brands have taken the lead, they have yet to form an absolute dominant position. The district and county flooring market has huge potential, and local well-known flooring companies have considerable competitive advantages in the district and county markets. Why can't we find a “country surrounded by cities”? The road, and perhaps in the near future, the flooring industry will kill a dark horse to ride the Chinese floor market.

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