Jade jewelry wears common sense

At present, the most commonly used jade jewelry has a ring face, a bracelet (bangle), a chest pendant (pendant), a waist pendant, an earring (earring), a boutonniere and various sizes of ornaments, in addition to the quality of the jade as described above. In addition, the actual carving of jade jewelry should be a new special, to give the atmosphere of the times on the basis of tradition. The thickness is uniform, the proportion is coordinated, the appearance is full, and the color is used skillfully.

1, ring face: should be full and generous, the aspect ratio should be as close as possible to the principle of golden section 1:2.018, thickness greater than 6mmyishang. The green is even and uniform, with water penetration, less cotton, less black spots, no cracks, and old people. Round, oval, heart-shaped full, can weigh more than 5 carats.

2, bracelet: uniform thickness, there are green or colored, the color should be better on the bracelet. It needs good water, less cotton, less black, no cracks, and old age. Round, oval, carved (should note that there are small cracks in the flower), gold inlay (should note that there is a big crack under the gold), and the side bracelet without chamfering is good. But choose according to the body's fat, thin and tall. Too thin and too short people wear thick bracelets, feeling heavy and cumbersome. People who are too fat and too tall wear a thin bracelet that looks frivolous and does not correspond. It is more suitable for the elderly to wear dark and good water. Young people wear bright green and transparent, which can highlight themselves.

3, chest pendant (pendant): the material must have cultural connotation, highlight personality, highlight self-cultivation, can not be uniform. To show the beauty and texture of the jade, make people look fresh and pleasing to the eye, creating a sense of nobility. Carefully observe whether the embossing is cracked; the thickness is moderate, the water is good, the old is old, and the impurities are small. The content of the sculpture should be combined with tradition and modernity, and you should choose the pattern you are pursuing.

4, earrings: earrings jewelry shapes vary in size, but with the shape of the drop is better. No matter what shape should be water-permeable, all green or scattered green, it should be conspicuous, 10 meters look like water will drop the top. When wearing, you should choose the length and size of the earrings according to the body shape and face shape.

In addition to the shape of jade jewelry, you should also consider the height of your head, the fatness of your body, the thickness of your neck, the shape of your face, the color of your skin, and even the color and style of your clothes. Only in this way can you wear a beautiful look.

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