Police camp open day to learn how to take photos

Crossroads, the green light turns yellow, go or not? On the morning of February 4th, the second police camp opening day this year, the City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment invited more than ten citizens and journalists into the electronic police punishment center to learn about the electronic police photographing and penalties.

At 9:00 a.m. that day, the police of the Electronic Police Punishment Center of the Municipal Traffic Police Detachment introduced the electronic police photographing process to the citizens who came to experience and demonstrated the process of inquiring about illegal vehicles, and analyzed the causes of traffic violations. One experienced person said that when a vehicle sometimes crosses an intersection, it encounters a green light that has just turned yellow. If it does not take one more time, one more red light is required. If it does, the electronic police will sometimes take pictures and sometimes they will not take pictures. what is the problem?

The police of the Electronic Police Punishment Center explained that under normal circumstances, when the green light at the junction turns yellow, if the front wheel of the car has passed the stop line, it can be used. “Electronic Police” will not capture, if the front wheel has not stopped Line, then don't force it. If you grab the yellow light, the "electronic police" will take four pictures in a three second period to fix your traffic violation evidence.

“Our pilots cannot passively abide by the law in order to avoid police penalties. Instead, they must consciously abide by the law for their own safety and the smoothness of the city.” Through the experience of the morning, the people who experience the experience are deeply comprehended.

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