Living room design several ways of decoration of the living room wall

The wall is an important part of the decoration of the living room. Because of its large area and important location, it is where sight is concentrated. Therefore, its decoration style, style and color play a decisive role in the style, style and tone of the entire home. The decoration style of the living room wall is the style of the entire home. Therefore, the decoration of the living room wall is extremely important.

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Parallel type: The pattern is arranged in a parallel arrangement to provide a decorative effect. It is concise, clear, and crisp. Of course, the arrangement can be variable, either parallel or vertically. In short, this method contains a classical symmetry and neatness in the composition. It must be noted that the selection of content for such pictures is as light and lively as possible, and the freehand factor is more than the work brush, which will inadvertently subvert the regular decoration.

Shelf type: A modern shelf is installed on the wall to enhance the decorative effect of the wall. The shape of the shelf can be traditional, that is, multilateral or changeable; it can also be modern, that is, the edges are unified and the change is rejected (see the figure). Of course, it is the key to put any artwork in it. The center part naturally has to put heavy objects, whether Western or Eastern, depending on what they have. Regardless of whether or not you own a work of art, do not place non-artificial products such as plastics in the center. The method of placement of the Bogu Bridge is very museum-oriented and can serve the purpose of exhibitions and rewards.

Modular: This is a combination of decorative methods, a set of paintings constitute a decorative effect, the center of the decoration is a main picture, so that it can highlight the center, the primary and secondary visual effects. Both sides are decorated around and items can be varied. This group of designs is adorned with Chinese porcelain on both sides, and all are decorated with blue and white flowers. The following are modern patterns. These patterns do not have neat figure paintings or landscape paintings. This is correct. Otherwise, the neatness of the blue-and-white pattern is opposed and the combination is not strict. This group of decorations incorporates Western and Chinese traditional styles. Shows the open mindedness of the owner's Chinese and Western compatibility. At the same time, it also shows that the owner is good. It is neither completely impersonal nor ancient.

Scattered style: This is a group of methods to decorate walls with staggered frames. With the principle of geometric patterns, the frame size not only highlights the overall effect, but also has a single narrative function. This method is more modern, and the setting and coordination of colors also form an important part of the decoration. The visual center of the pattern falls on the portrait. The disadvantage of this combination is that the next two small paintings are not eye-catching enough, and they are not decorated with color stimuli or pictures with obvious pattern effects. In this combination, small-sized paintings often play only role of decorating, such as dull colors, in the visual sense. It is easy to be submerged.

Decorative painting: The focus of the living room decoration is on the wall. It would be a pity if this treasure is empty and empty. In fact, as long as we design a little and hang some artworks, the entire wall will look like a crimson eyebrow and will immediately light up. The choice of what kind of artwork, the number of hanging artworks, the optimal height of the suspension, etc., require both basic skills and the conditions of the home itself. For example, the type of artwork follows the decoration style of the entire living room, so that an overall atmosphere can be created;

The theme of wall decoration is better than full, so can play the effect of art museum. Of course, some people are reluctant to hang too many works of art. A large wall hangs one piece, but it is also OK. But this piece of art must be graded and slightly larger. Otherwise, a crappy painting will be lifted over the entire wall. Now.

The size of the artwork must be in harmony with the size of the wall. If it is a Chinese painting, the length of the vertical axis cannot exceed two-thirds of the height of the wall. If it is a Western painting, the frame cannot exceed half of the wall; the main color of the artwork is related to the background and orientation of the wall (light effect), especially if the lighting effect is as good as possible; or simply Then, hang your favorite art on the wall.

A few taboos: The wall of the living room is the most important place for home decoration. Avoid hanging calendars, hanging prints, and simply not knowing how many copies of famous paintings are available. The wall decoration hanging line should be as uniform as possible, otherwise the lanyard will be colorful and the beauty of the artwork itself will be damaged.

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