Xiamen store decoration note what type of shop decoration

As our society continues to progress, it can be said that it is an era of entrepreneurship for all people. Since many people are unwilling to work for others, they all want to start a business trip by opening stores and other forms. Although it is a small shop, but in the decoration can not be sloppy, the effect of the decoration will also affect the quality of the business, here we come to understand Xiamen store decoration considerations, as well as what types of store decoration.

Xiamen store decoration note

1. Then whether a store can lure more customers, the store's door is a particularly important factor, the door can show what is the image of the enterprise, what products are sold in the store. The door is divided into two parts. The first is the design part, and the color and size ratios are taken into consideration. Consider whether the colors required by the company's brand image design match or not. The other part is the use of materials, simple inkjet is the work of small companies, and now the most popular is produced by acrylic, can increase customer confidence.

2, in general, most of the stores are now using glass doors, so that customers can feel the sense of openness, but also can see some of the situation inside the store, the store main channel should not be narrow width, so that customers can enter Clearly understand the specialty of this store. A good pattern will make customers feel comfortable and feel closer to the product, and product classification and partition display is the key point in the layout. The layout of the locations and the comfort degree of walking around each area will affect the customer's psychology. In the curtain shop, the area of ​​the curtain area, the finished curtain area, the negotiation area, and the image exhibition area are well designed in a sub-area, allowing customers to have a sense of pleasure and invest more in order to promote purchasing power.

3, there are some stores that need to use the curtains, then the curtains on the market in a variety of colors, styles, fabrics, etc., most of the fabric's wide pairs are up and down 2.8 meters, made into curtains at 2.6 meters up and down. And the ceiling height of the average family is also up and down in this size, so the design of the curtain panel should also cater to this height dimension, in order to reduce the loss of the fabric and enhance the customer to appreciate the comparability of the curtain. Except for the place where the drapes are displayed, try to satisfy the customer's vision and do not try to pursue more samples.

What kind of store decoration

1, simple type

This style of decoration is a modern pursuit, the main decoration is mainly simple, do not use some exquisite decoration to attract customers, the characteristics of simplicity is the processing of details. The simple decoration should pay attention to the reasonable division of space, mainly including the consistency of styles between the display area, promotion area, column area, signboard area and the attributes of the sales goods, to achieve natural, casual, not too much decoration but give the impression Deep effect.

2, professional type

Well, this style of decoration must have been known to all, in fact, is a store to do a specific product, then whether it is in the store's signboard area or promotional area, as well as the column area and product descriptions, etc., they all strive to be in the details Deal with rigorous and meticulous. It is worth noting that in the sales promotion area, a variety of online contact methods are announced, which can deepen buyers' impressions and understanding of “professionality”.

3, leisure type

Casual-style decoration We can display the personality of the product, or the personal favorite leisure decoration, and then can also display some different colors of display props, display cabinets, display stands and so on. A minimalist interior space filled with modern style was formed, emphasizing an arbitrariness of peace and intimacy, closeness to nature, returning to nature.

The above information about Xiamen store decoration and the types of related contents of store decoration are introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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