Dalan Hydraulics tells you the problems that should be paid attention to in the design of the fuel tank of the hydraulic system of engineering machinery.

Due to the difference in engineering hydraulic tank design.

The following Dalan Hydraulics will tell you a few issues that should be noted in the design of the hydraulic system of the mobile engineering machinery hydraulic system:

1, to consider the working conditions, to prevent oil leakage or the entry of dirty things in the harsh environment, more demanding than the ordinary system;

2, the balance of weight, to maintain the right center of gravity of the vehicle;

3, good heat dissipation, to ensure that the oil temperature is not too high, so consider the location of the installation, the ventilation duct design of the vehicle;

4. It should be considered that the minimum and maximum oil level of the construction machinery should be met at the same time. The oil suction filter should not be exposed at the same time of uphill and downhill, and the oil return filter and the air filter end cover should not be all in the oil;

5, fully consider the layout, the shape is not necessarily regular, and the adjacent components should be coordinated;

6, the inner wall anti-rust treatment, generally using pickling phosphating;

7, the design of the tank volume calculation, in order to better precipitate impurities and separate air:

1 The effective volume of the fuel tank (the tank volume is only 80% of the tank height) is generally taken as 2-7 times the volume of oil discharged per minute by the hydraulic pump.

2 Take 2-4 times when the system is a low voltage system.

3 Take 5-7 times when the system is medium and high voltage.

4 pairs of walking machinery generally take 2 times, that is, must have enough oil.

5 Generally use the empirical formula V = (1.2 ~ 1.25) × ((0.2 ~ 0.33) * Qb + Qg), where Qb is the flow of the pump, Qg is the capacity of the hydraulic cylinder.

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