The Classic of the Creative Age——Dialogue Master Fu Junmin

On March 16th, 2014, mahogany furniture lovers and collectors from all over the world gathered in the Xuan Mingdian Red Sandalwood Art Museum in Beijing to participate in the Ming Dynasty furniture designed by Xuan Mingdian Chairman, Chief Designer and Artistic Director Mr. Fu Junmin. Fine, "Ming Yun" series of works released and appreciation. At the press conference, Master Fu Junmin told everyone about the design ideas and design process of the series of Ming Yun. The depth of his inquiry, the exquisite craftsmanship, and the pursuit of perfection made the participants lament: This is how to make furniture, which is clearly artistic creation. In the works presented at the press conference, the scene of the overbearing horseshoe painting selected by the Spring Festival Evening, the Fushun Duoge Pavilion, which has won the domestic authority design award, and the horseshoe table and the fan-shaped Nanguan hat chair. The successful design of the melon-edge cloud-shaped flat head case and the eight-edge four-headed official hat chair is full of a strong Chinese complex. In the face of these classics, people feel the charm of the fusion of traditional culture and contemporary aesthetics. The concept of Mingyun and Ming style furniture presented at this conference was refreshing. Ming Yun contains the reclusiveness of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the fierceness of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, the elegantness of the two Song Dynasties, the unconstrainedness of the Mongolian Yuan, and the demise of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. The great ideas brought together by Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are the peace and harmony. Twisting, the intrinsic and unobtrusive gentleman's style. Because of this temperament, Ming style furniture attracts latecomers to compete and follow suit. However, Ming Yun is our summary of the overall style of Ming style furniture, refining, and sublimation based on this, and the implementation of a certain Ming style furniture, these temperament may not be reflected in all, therefore, Ming Yun left enough for contemporary furniture people The imagination of the space. This view fits the development appeal of the traditional furniture industry, and it is inspiring to observe the development direction of the traditional furniture industry and the entire furniture industry. After the press conference, we interviewed Master Fu Junmin. Master Fu Junmin issued "Ming Yun" on the spot. "The furniture revolution caused by the breakthrough of technology in the Ming Dynasty has made the structure of science, complete in shape, and unique Ming style furniture. Once the Ming style furniture is formed, it is destined to be in the history of world furniture. The status of substitution. But the Ming style furniture is not designed in one day, and its shape and system have a clear historical context. It can be said that traditional Chinese furniture is an anthology of stone and copper and wood integration, which reflects the thoughts of various historical periods. Philosophy, ethics, customs, and Ming style furniture, it is a collection of outstanding cultures of various historical periods." Mr. Fu has a deep interpretation of Ming Yun, the opening is the quotation. "When time passes, traditional classics need to be inherited, but it is more than just imitation. If we follow the tradition as a standard, and we will follow suit, then we can only hope that it will be difficult to achieve." "The times need and must inevitably produce a classic that is never identical." Although Ming furniture is as insurmountable as mountains, although people have a nostalgic grand experience, the ideology and level of technology of our time have provided us with conditions beyond traditional classics. Therefore, we must be willing to give up our efforts. There must also be preparations and responsibilities for facing risks.” “Xuanming’s residence is based on the understanding of Ming style furniture, in-depth exploration of its connotation, selection of representative models, and the design and production of a year’s work. After the collection of several pieces of furniture, it is called "Ming Yun". "Ming Yun" has our profound interpretation of traditional furniture culture, and more on the interpretation of contemporary aesthetics, it is the declaration of the classics to the love Friends of traditional furniture culture and the answer to history.” “The wood is spiritual. Nature gives trees to rain, it will Bo Maosheng; we give furniture to think, it will also report to the vigorous life. This is a spiritual life, will pass on the thoughts and aesthetics we have given it from generation to generation." This is a reminiscent of the conference site projection The text on the instrument screen [the soul of the wood is seen in the growth, the soul of the instrument is seen in the charm. Chiseling wooden devices, with human beings as friends, companionship, so that life is endless. This is a realm, the supreme realm of the system.

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