Entrance ceiling design entrance aisle design renderings

To say that the type of house is good, the aisle must be less. Most people pay attention to the design of the aisle when they buy a house, but some people do it in the opposite direction and put forward very fresh suggestions for the design of the indoor aisle.

Placing a mirror in the aisle will have a good penetration effect through the use of reflection and expand the field of vision.

Placing a gorgeous retro crystal chandelier at the top of the aisle creates a sense of light and is a good choice!

Wooden wall skirt design beautiful and practical, beautiful shape, gloss texture can well set off Jane European style.

Walls on either side of the aisle create photo walls or home galleries are an effective way to avoid a single, addiction.

Creating a large storage cabinet hidden in the walls in the aisle is the most effective use of space.

Under the aisle floor under the decorative lights installed, while the lights can also be filled with beautiful little things, such as flowers, pebbles, etc., will be pleasing.

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