Acetic acid market is weak

Acetic acid market is weak It is understood that during the week from November 19 to November 25, 2012, the price of acetic acid continued to fall. According to relevant data, the domestic ex-factory price at the weekend (25th) was 3,066 yuan/ton, down by 2.36% from the beginning of the week. The acetic acid market runs weakly.

In the past week, the domestic acetic acid production plant operated stably, the industry operating rate was at a relatively high level, and the market supply of acetic acid increased significantly. Most of the manufacturers had stocks to sell, and the downstream users had weak purchase intentions and poor demand. The manufacturers lowered the ex-factory prices. The raw material methanol market weakened, the production cost of acetic acid was reduced, and the downstream products such as ethyl acetate and butyl acetate slowed down, and the price went down, which all contributed to the lack of strong support for the price of acetic acid. Most of the companies were not optimistic about the market outlook.

Dong Xueming, analyst of acetic acid at the branch of the business community, believes that the demand for acetic acid is about to enter the off-season and there is a lack of favorable factors to support the price of acetic acid. It is expected that the acetic acid price will move sideways in a short period of time and it will run weakly.

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