Successful development of hydraulic inspection vehicle for underground mine dump truck

A hydraulic inspection vehicle dedicated to overhauling underground mine dump trucks has been successfully developed in Shandong Xinwen Mining Group Corporation.

The company uses hydraulic system transmission, through the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder to control the blade of the inspection vehicle to be turned 90 degrees. For the bottom unloading mine car that needs to be repaired, the cylinder control claw extends out to hold the mining vehicle chassis, and then the hydraulic cylinder is extended. The driving mechanism can turn the mine car by 90 degrees to complete the inspection and maintenance of the mining vehicle chassis. The successful development of this special vehicle has not only facilitated the maintenance operation, but also reduced the labor intensity of the employees, improved the safety and maintenance efficiency of the maintenance, and found faults in time, prolonged the service life of the mine car and promoted the normal safety of the mine. produce.