Liquid-gas mixed pump jet synergy

The Dagang Oilfield No. 4 Oil Production Plant has applied the liquid-gas mixing pumping synergy technology in the two wells of the plate 808-7 and the port 365-1. The average pump efficiency has increased by 24.47% and the daily oil increase is 5.6t.

The liquid-gas mixing jet synergy technology is based on controlling the hydrodynamic characteristics of oil and gas wells, especially in flow regimes, flow patterns, flow rates, and flow pressures, based on the hydraulic properties of multiphase flows (liquids and gases). The principle that the flow state has the greatest influence. With this technique, a favorable good bubble flow (bubbles are well distributed in the liquid) can be obtained, and the static pressure loss is significantly reduced by lowering the overall density of the lift fluid. By reducing the friction between the high-speed gas in the casing and the relatively low-speed liquid, the dynamic pressure loss can be significantly reduced, the filling coefficient of the pump can be improved, and the pump efficiency can be improved.

The No. 4 Oil Production Plant applied liquid-gas mixing jet synergy technology on two gas wells with gas influence. The gas-liquid ratio decreased from 132.36m3/t to 77.32m3/t, which reduced the gas impact, improved pump efficiency and increased oil production. purpose.