UCIMU promotes Italian machine tool manufacturing in China

The Italian Machine Tool, Robotics and Automation Manufacturers Association (UCIMU), representing the most advanced level and extensive resources in the field of machine tool manufacturing in Italy, took the opportunity of the Shanghai World Expo to hold a joint press conference at the Italian Pavilion at the Expo site on June 15.

During the conference, Alfredo Mariotti, Secretary General of the Italian Machinery and Machine Tool Federation, introduced the Italian machine tool, robotics and automation industry, which is known worldwide for its high quality, flexibility, reliability and personalized service, with special emphasis on China's healthy and stable economic development. In the “post-crisis” era, the speed has gradually grown into an important partner for Italy's export and cooperation in this field. Alfredo Mariotti said that the Italian machine tool industry suffered heavy losses in other major export markets last year, but exports to the Chinese market continued to grow by 27.9%, with metal processing forming increasing by 37.7% and metal cutting by 24.7%.

Alfredo Mariotti said that UCIMU will strive to create an ideal exchange and trade platform for Chinese and Italian companies, as well as cooperation with Chinese government departments, financial institutions and trade organizations.

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