Spring vegetable topdressing types are those

The selection of topdressing types should start from two aspects: supplement nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc.); activate the soil, promote root length, and properly supplement trace elements.

1, supplement nutrients, optional compound fertilizer. Choose different fertilizer types based on the plants and nutritional characteristics of the vegetables. Before flowering and fruit setting, the topdressing type is mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, in order to promote plant vegetative growth and flower bud differentiation; phosphorus and potassium fertilizer are dominant in flowering and fruiting stage; in the middle and late stages of vegetable growth, attention is paid to the comprehensive supplement of NPK, and it can also be based on actual conditions. Fertilization on the surface prevents premature aging of plants, promotes nutrient reflux, and improves overall yield. The general amount of top dressing is: 15 to 20 kg.

2, rooting roots, optional amino acid type, humic acid marine biotype, microbial fertilizer. According to the characteristics of the product and the required dosage is generally about 20 to 25 kg.
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