Prevention and treatment of tomato virus disease

There are three types of tomato virus disease: mosaic type, fern leaf type, and striped type. At the time of onset, the leaves are mainly curled, and the mesophyll is less and sometimes only the midrib. The stems are changed from short streaks of dark green to oily necrotic spots with dark brown depression; the fruit forms a flower face or rot. The virus disease is mainly caused by seed poisoning, soil poisoning, aphid transmission, and contact infection. In order to effectively and effectively prevent this disease, it is necessary to prevent disease from treating diseases and cut off the route of transmission to control the occurrence and development of diseases.
1. Select resistant varieties to use Israel 189, 516, American Red, Liaoyuan Dooli, L402 and other varieties with better disease resistance.
2. The nursery bed soil is disinfected with 40% formalin fumigation. Each 500 kg bed soil is sprayed in the bed soil with 100-150 g of formalin and 10-15 kg of water (equivalent to 1%). After stirring, pile up, cover with plastic film for 2-3 days, remove the cover, and then dry for 5-6 days.
3. Seed disinfection with 10% sodium phosphate soaked for 20 minutes or 0.5% formalin soaked for 30 minutes or 1% potassium permanganate soaked for 20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water and then soaked and germinated.
4. Thoroughly control aphids to prevent aphids from transmitting poisons. Pay close attention to the appearance of aphids from the cotyledon stage to the fruiting stage. After discovery, spray 800-1000 times liquid liquid fruit oil to kill.
5. Cultivation measures to prevent disease 1 sowing at the right time, cultivate strong seedlings. 2 Deep-cultivation rotation, strictly prevent cropping or adjacent planting with crops such as Solanaceae crops and cucumbers. In addition, the tomato plot should also be away from the Taoyuan. 3 Strictly select healthy and disease-free strains for transplantation and colonization. Wash hands and wash the tools with soapy water after touching the diseased plants. Smokers pay special attention to washing their hands after smoking to prevent contact with infection. 4 timely snoring and early harvesting, in order to delay the contact infection of the human hand and improve the disease resistance of the plant. 5 Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer by base fertilizer, avoid water shortage and lack of fertilizer during growth. 6 Clear the diseased plants and find that the diseased plants are immediately removed, and they are taken out of the field for deep burial to prevent contact with healthy plants. And pay attention to the situation of neighboring plants.
6. Using 83-anti-antioxidant to prevent 83-enhancement agent is a new type of plant growth regulator. In the tomato seedling stage, before the result, the stock solution is diluted by 100 times and sprayed 2-3 times.
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