Luozhou Group's second-generation wheel bearing has a new work

Luozhou Group reported: On December 17, Luozhou Company developed 10 sets of second-generation automobile wheel hub bearings developed by an automobile manufacturing enterprise. The assembly was completed and the journey was sent to users.

This automobile manufacturing enterprise is one of the well-known automobile manufacturers in China. In August of this year, Luozhou successfully developed a bearing for the second-generation heavy-duty vehicle of a model, and won the manufacturer with good product quality. trust. In October, the manufacturer selected the supporting enterprises for the new models they developed, and preferred the Luo axis. The new products produced by Luo axis were matched with the second-generation heavy-duty vehicles developed for this model. After accepting the user's entrustment, Luo axis selected the production and technical backbone, and used two kinds of equipment to cross-work, trial production, production, and finally delivered the new product as scheduled. The successful development of this product has further expanded the new field of Luozhou products.